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At 4CGeoWorks, our service area is global. We excel at consulting and GIS opportunities both here in the United States, as well as “across the pond” for clients who have an international interest. Regardless of your geographic focus, when it comes to these industries, we have something for everyone. As you read through the industries we serve, we have taken care to indicate which solutions in our MAPSTM platform best suit each industry to help you recognize ways that we can get started together in partnership.

Industry Vertical:


Is your merchandise meeting consumer demand or are your key customers shopping elsewhere? Our marketplace data helps organizations to measure retail activity by trade area and to compare retail sales to consumer spending by NAICS industry classification.

  • Food and Drink
  • Automotive
  • Apparel
  • Electronics and Appliances
  • Health and Personal Care

Always remember the three most important words: “Location, location, location!” Don’t underestimate the vital importance of performing GIS analysis before establishing or expanding your retail business. Typically, retail success requires placing a site in an area of high demand potential and high visual exposure. GIS can develop relationship models to determine how store location can affect profitability — especially as it relates to retail competitors, traffic flow and population growth.

Industry Vertical:

Real Estate

The REIT industry is another vertical where 4CGeoWorks specializes in support. We can help determine the viability of your existing or next new development. We can also advise your company on which properties to sell, when and why. Location-based analysis allows you to integrate a wide variety of data into a visual map, which can help your customers understand all of the information affecting the desirability and value of a property. Get a leg up on your competition, and determine the greatest market potential for new locations, or map out maximum growth for a particular location, before making an acquisition or selling.

Industry Vertical:


GIS provides a wealth of location information for the manufacturer and proves invaluable at every step of planning, operations and sales. GIS helps manufacturers better address the gap between consumer demand and expectations for their products and how, where and what is produced. GIS and Location Analytics are leading a fundamental change in how manufacturers invest in new products, improve operational performance, address competitive pressure and get ahead of market trends to drive success.

Industry Vertical:


Healthcare providers are facing more and more uncertainties due to changing demographics, increased competition, and stricter regulations. These uncertainties also provide the opportunities for savvy healthcare institutions to capitalize on cutting-edge technologies like GIS to read the marketplace, and react quickly to position themselves for future success. To serve their communities better, healthcare institutions can also utilize the powerful analysis tools and integrated workforce solutions of 4CGeoWorks to enhance their grasp on community health needs and design effective interventions.

Industry Vertical:

Financial Institutions

While market share and brand recognition are powerful motivators, many financial institutions are realizing that these are not enough to attract and retain customers in such a competitive market. To be even more effective, many banks, credit unions, credit card companies, and other financial institutions are relying on 4CGeoWorks to help them understand their market data better than their competitors. We can help determine which branch to close, where to expand next, and to capitalize on the advantage of brick and mortar. We can also assist in Community Reinvestment Act reporting, as well as mergers and branch acquisitions.

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