Senior Team

John Riley, 4CTechnologies President

John Riley

4CTechnologies President

With 25 years of business and management experience, John is passionate about his company and supports a simple and direct business approach.  His decision to provide GIS offerings has helped many clients capitalize on new levels of success through a professional business advantage, made possible by his expert GIS team.

Susan Zwillinger, 4CGeoWorks Principal Consultant

Susan Zwillinger

Principal Consultant

Susan is a certified Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Professional with almost twenty (20) years of experience in the GIS industry. In her role, Susan consults and develops the scope of each project, coordinating proposal development, designing project plans, developing deliverable schedules, defining the market analytics methodologies, and managing the execution of the deliverables that ensure solid business value.

Kathy Olek Donatelli 4CDesignWorks Director, Strategic Planning & Development

Kathy Olek Donatelli

4CDesignWorks Director, Strategic Planning & Development

Kathy uses her 30+ years of experience to lead the 4CDesignWorks team, providing dedicated marketing and interactive support across all three company divisions.  Her team bolsters all GIS initiatives with the best possible marketing, visual execution and business value support for sustainable execution.

Matt Nicol, Technical Consultant

Matt Nicol

Technical Consultant

Matt is a GIS professional with nearly a decade of experience in the industry developing custom ArcGIS-based solutions. His extensive expertise in geodatabase design and data cleansing allows him to develop specifically for ArcGIS for Server and ArcMap Add-ins as one of our tenured Microsoft Developers.

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