GIS Technology Helps Local Business Thrive

GIS technology and consultation can provide value to any business-large or small!  In an age where actively engaging customers is the key to success, the market analytics provided by the professionals at 4CGeoWorks can help small to medium-sized businesses better understand their markets and thrive.

When the Medicine Shoppe of Penn Hills and Oakmont contracted 4CDesignWorks to assist in their marketing efforts, it wasn’t long before the value of GIS technology became apparent.  The pharmacy required an advanced understanding of their market area—research that could only be acquired through the technology and consultation of experts like Susan Zwillinger of 4CGeoWorks.  Those findings directly influenced the marketing approach taken by the Medicine Shoppe.  With a very intentional and targeted marketing approach based on real data, the Medicine Shoppe was able to use their funds in the most effective and efficient ways to drive results.

“A lot of small businesses think this kind of technology is beyond their reach,” said Kathy Olek Donatelli, Director of Strategic Planning & Development for 4CDesignWorks.  “I can’t tell you how many businesses are just winging it when it comes to their marketing, but GIS can give them a direct line, letting them know who their customers are and who their customers could be.”

The work done by 4CGeoWorks proved so valuable to the marketing efforts of the Medicine Shoppe that the Pittsburgh Business Times made the story into a feature article on their website.   The article can be viewed online here.

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